Don’t Know What to Write? Talk to Your Customers Instead

audio content creation for your blog

“Post good content on your blog.”

How many times have you heard that advice and not done anything about it? There is a reason you’re not blogging, or not blogging as often as you think you “should.”

It’s called real life.

When you are focused on the actual work of your business and can’t think of anything to write on a blog post, it’s not going to get done.

This isn’t a value judgement. If you are an accountant, you’re going to be doing accounting. If you’re a consultant, you’re going to be doing consulting. If you own a tire shop, you’re going to be changing tires. That’s life. That makes sense.

Writing takes time. Writing takes effort. Writing scares the :cough: out of most people.

What if you are like most business owners and are not a natural-born copywriter, can’t think of a topic, don’t have time or just plain don’t want to do it?

You don’t have to. Here, I’m giving you permission not to write a blog.

But, you still want to get new customers and show how good and smart you are, so you can’t just do nothing.

Try some Social Media That Makes Sense instead:

Talk. You can talk to your customers, right?  Of course you can. So, try  ”talking”  to your customers on your computer or phone, save it as an .mp3 and put that puppy up on a blog post.

Click the triangle button (below) to listen to how it’s done: (Playing time 1 minute 19 seconds)

Listen on iPhone or iPad

Did I get my message across? I think so. Did I spend forever doing it? Not a chance.

You may have noticed the playing time is under two minutes. That means it took me under two minutes to record this version, plus another 5 minutes for false starts where I erased the recording and started over. Give me another 5 minutes to find a picture to add to the blog post so the Pinterest crowd can join in. (Pinterest is a visual medium and will only allow posts from web pages with a picture).

You can do the tech part of this yourself if you know how to transfer files with an FTP program, or you can outsource this part to a Social Media consultant. It took 6 minutes to convert the Audacity file to .mp3 (On a Mac, I saved it as .aigg and did the conversion to .mp3 in iTunes, but with a PC you can skip that step.) It took another 3 minutes to upload the audio to my web host.

So, all together, the whole project took less than 20 minutes. You can cut 10 minutes off your time if you already have your photos ready to go and if you bulk upload more than one audio file at a time.

Plus, you don’t have to write a masterpiece! I wrote a lot here because I’m a writer, but you don’t have to do that. Just a quick introduction is all you need – a sentence, maybe two to tell people what the message is about so they will click the “play” button, but really that is all you need.

That’s better than trying to produce a blog masterpiece post when you’re not a writer or pressed for time, isn’t it? So, do you think you’ll try audio blog messages?

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