Custom Twitter Background

A custom Twitter background will make you look like you belong there.

Bird Backgrounds logo, just for fun. See it live on Twitter.

On Twitter, everyone can spot the newbies. They’re the ones with an egg instead of a profile picture and the same blue cloud background that comes standard with every new Twitter account.

Custom Twitter backgrounds make you look professional

Twitter backgrounds can be as simple as a single color, and as complex as a full blown graphics extravaganza, with a logo, portrait, social media info, QR codes that can be scanned by mobile phones and anything in between.

Let us create a custom Twitter background for you that showcases your company’s branding, contact information, and personality.

You can make one and leave it up long-term, or update seasonally or to announce special sales and promotions.

Custom Twitter backgrounds are included in the Twitter Starter Package or can be purchased separately.

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