How to Know Which Social Media Strategist to Trust (Interview Questions)

Social Media Interview Questions

Small to Midsize business owners are in a bit of a quandry when deciding on who to hire for their social media efforts. That’s because most people would rather spend time on their core business than on learning new technology that may or may not produce results that improve the bottom line.

As my fantastic husband points out, “If I own a tire shop, I would rather be selling tires than messing around on Twitter.” He has a very good point! However, it’s been my experience and that of my clients that there are dozens if not hundreds of new prospective customers on social media, so it’s worth reaching out to them.

Since “going it alone” is likely to leave business owners frustrated and feeling like they are wasting their time, it’s a good idea to follow the advice of a trusted social media strategist. But, how do you know who to trust?

If I were going to hire a social media agency and not do it myself, here is what I would want to know:

Do you understand my business and my business model? Prove it. Put yourself in my shoes. What am I going through every day? How can social media make it better? (If they can’t answer this one, or if they don’t ask follow up questions that show they can learn, don’t bother asking the other questions.)

Do you use my product? Why or why not? If I am a technical company, do you understand the technology? If I made an app, can you show me how you will use my app, or are you afraid of iPhones? If I’m a medical company, do you know how to reach doctors? *CAN* you reach doctors? If I’m a B2B company, how will you use social media to leverage exposure to current and potential business customers?

Do you understand my customer? Show me.

What is the overall business goal that you are planning to achieve? Why?

Is this a long-term or short term strategy?

Who are you planning to reach and why?

What kind of content would fit into this plan? Who will create the content? Why?

What action do you want them to take? (i.e. “Like,” “Follow,” “Retweet,” “Share,” “Click on this link,”) and why?

Show me how you have done this for others.

Ask them “why” they are proposing what they are proposing and measure it against whether or not it fits into your business goals.

If you are not a hard-core marketing person yourself, speak English to your social media people and insist that they speak English back. Don’t pretend you understand the word “Engagement” if you don’t understand it. Make them explain it to you in words you understand.

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